University of Dar es Salaam

Research Management Information System (RMIS)

What is RMIS

The UDSM RMIS is a web-based portal designed to manage research information at the University. The system has four modules, Grants & Proposals, Publications,Research Clearance and Project Management. UDSM RMIS is developed under the leadership of the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Research.

UDSM RMIS will help staff & students to save time and effort making it easier to search for research information,apply for research clearances, registering research proposals, submission of publications for vetting and application for research grants.

How to Login

  1. Login with your "Username" and "Password". For the "Initial username", Use your surname as your initial username.
    E.g. if your first-name is Juma, and Surname is Samson, then the initial username is samson. Initial password is number 1 to 8, please change your password.

  2. In case login credentials as specified in no. 1 failed, mostly due to identical surname(s), in this case the initial username try one of the following combinations

  • firstname.surname   (e.g: juma.samson)

  • f.surname    (e.g: j.samson)

  • fsurname    (jsamsom)

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